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Singer celebrated its 150th Anniversary.

Singer again launched the world’s most advanced home sewing and embroidery machine: the QUANTUM® XL-5000. The machine offers state of the art features such as a fully automated re-threading system, wind-in-place bobbin winding system, and the next generation of Professional Sew-Ware™, making it the most powerful and user-friendly system on the market.


Embroidery Unlimited Machine brought professional embroidery to computers.

Singer introduced the Elegance line of sewing machines and the Embroidery Unlimited Machine.Millennium Series sewing machines were introduced later


Sewing machines designed meeting needs and budgets of individuals.

Singer introduced an entire new line of state-of the-art sewing machines with models designed to meet individual needs and budgets. These machines were built with “Duratec,” a unique material which is stronger and lighter than aluminum yet provides double insulation. These easy to use sewing machines ranged from basic to the most sophisticated sewing machines and included a top-of-the-line electronic sewing machine which had the capacity to produce an unlimited number of stitch patterns, monograms, embroidery, and even sews sideways.


“Touch and Sew” sewing machines were introduced.

Singer introduces the “Touch and Sew” sewing machines.Consolidated sales reached $979.8 million.