From the time Singer created the First sewing machine, the brand has been fueled by the virtue of enabling people to do more. It is this value of “True Enablement” that forms the core of the brand. Singer is on a continuous journey to inspire everyone through its products, services… Read More

Modern range of Sewing Machines, Kitchen Appliances and Home Comfort from Singer, don’t just delight you with performance and quality but also inspires you to try out something new each day…
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When was the last time, you did something for the first time? At Singer, we believe that each day holds the power to add a beautiful memory to your life. Hence, we have created many fun filled and exciting activities so that you can shine bright and live new moment of life, each day…
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Finishing a particular task with a product is one thing, creating a wonderful experience for your own self, with it is another level. Singer has an ever growing community of experts for the latest and new in fashion, food and community domain…
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Every moment has the power to give us a new memory. Filled with this spirit, to ‘Live the New!’ every moment, Singer has been running multiple initiatives in the space of Skill Imparting, Connecting the Food Lovers, Latest on Fashion and Home Décor and Personal Grooming .



Imparting skills to under privileged women through certified free courses and enabling them to become independent. You can nominate someone who needs our help.



Contemporary or classical, which ever form of fashion you have on your mind, Share it. Seek opinion. or give an expert advice to someone.



Share. Discuss. Create. A new recipe or completely redo an old one, with other food lovers just like you.



Hairstyles, which are trending. Look, which could make you a showstopper. Right-dress, for the next big occasion. Find. Share. Discuss with others who are equally passionate about personal grooming.


Holi Winner
Holi is one of the fun festivals that captures the essence of togetherness for us as Indians. It stands for bonding with family, friends, neighbours, food, colours, and outdoor play. For the occasion, we created a contest on social media asking our fans to share their favourite Holi memories in a creative way and share pictures.
Teaser 2
On Mother’s Day, we created a video asking our fans to share their Mother’s Day wish with us and wait for a surprise. All the participants were given a frame with their messages sewed on them.
sewing machine day winner
On Sewing Machine Day, we asked our fans to click a picture with their Singer Sewing Machine, and share the precious memories they have with it. We also asked the users to share one unique quality they would like to have in your future Singer Sewing Machine.
Sukanya Adhya

This Dussehra, we decided to celebrate differently. Keeping the spirits of celebrations, we proposed to rid the society of unwanted traditions that costs its well-being and threatens to harm its growth. We invited our audience to give us the evils they want to burn this time, thereby #BurnTheBad of the society and make it a harmonious place for all…View More

Esha Chakraborty

Independence Day marked the initiation of a new kind of freedom. This time we evoked our audience to shun old misbeliefs and adopt a new approach towards our society. So a little good: from becoming equals with other genders to bigger deeds of adopting a child, we encouraged the motion, asking the audience which of the social mis-beliefs of norms would they like to get free of…
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There’s always something unique about what mum says. At times it is emotional, at others it’s completely hilarious. Taking the cue from PM’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Singer #MaaKiBaat campaign was all about the common phrases by Indian mothers, while talking and even scolding.
We asked our fans to participate in #MaaKiBaat contest by tagging their mom and sharing her quirkiest phrase with us…
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Saheli Saha

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Singer celebrated the real life tales of extraordinary women who had in them to make a difference.  We asked our fans to participate in #RealHeroines campaign by sharing the real life story of an inspiring woman …View More


Holi, the festival of colours, adds a lot of excitement in an otherwise mono-colour life. While Holi goes away only to return after a year-long wait; there are a few colours in life which stay with us each day. These are colours of our love, for our loved ones. The colours which add so many wonderful memories to our life & make us LIVE A NEW moment each time.

Singer set-out to celebrate these unmatched colours through an interesting activity – “#ColoursOfLove”.
The activity was dedicated to all our amazing home-chefs who displayed their love for delicious food through their cooking. They totally surprised everyone… View More


This Republic Day #ConstitutionOfHappiness was conceptualised not just to create some happy moments for women of India, but to recognise their unparalleled role in creating happiness for others around them.

Singer is taking this initiative ahead by highlighting their silent sacrifice and wishes to put across a strong message – that others in the family should appreciate their efforts in every way…View More