My real hero is my wife. I met her 7 years back as my forever life partner. We mingled with each other in a strong bond that nurtured our love and relationship. She is a true hero in my life with relevance to her interest in solo traveling, social work and Yoga.

She aimed to help the less privileged kids at their home. But, it became terrific due to disturbance of the society. To resolve the problem, she started evening free tuition classes at our 1BHK flat. I melted with her decision to sell the double bed and converted more extra space for accommodating more students. It was a heart touching moment for me, as she has so much love for the kids who need education for a happy life.

Everyday she teaches up to 30 kids at our home at evening 6PM to 7PM. In the weekend, she takes them for an outing to the nearby mall, movie, garden,zoo etc. She is receiving so many inquiries for new admission but she wants to give personal attention to all so she is not accepting more admission.

Apart from educating kids, she cooks one healthy snack to nourish them with nutrient and feed them banana to balance the nutrition level. In addition, she takes care of all the requirement of kids like clothes, study material, regular medical checkups,yoga classes, and dental checkups etc. We are celebrating almost all the festivals with happiness and positivity towards religion. We celebrate every festival to make these kids learn about the aspect of the life. Also, she arranges guest lectures for drawing, music and dance. This all needs a good budget, so she always refuses to eat food at big restaurants and motels.

I am really glad to have her in my life. She is even focused towards teaching less privileged mothers about banking knowledge, how to go to mall, family planning, how to use internet, relationship problem and hygiene.

And you don’t believe, she decided not to plan our own child as she says, I believe to become a mother of so many poor children instead of one. She wants to take a responsibility of all kids for life time. And I accepted her decision with tears in eyes.

She is running this all activities under “Be Charitable” title. People often tell her, you should register your NGO but she always refused to do it as she decided not to register it for tax benefits.