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      [ditty_news_ticker id="16994"]CSR PolicySinger India has always recognized the need to serve the Society and has been contributing to the Society within its means. In line with this philosophy of providing sustainability to the skill development of needy individuals from disadvantaged sections of the Society mainly women both from rural and urban India, Singer India will develop Skill Development Centers either directly or through association with other organizations, NGO and to provide education / vocational training in the field of sewing, embroidery and related fields. This will give an immense opportunity to disadvantaged sections of society, rural people, women, students, etc. to enhance their vocational skills and creativity and become self-sufficient for their livelihood and/or get employed. In addition, the Company would also enrich the underprivileged sections of the Society with necessary infrastructure to engage in activities to become self- reliant and earn their livelihood.GovernanceEvery year, the CSR Committee will place for the Board’s approval, a CSR plan delineating the CSR programs to be carried out during the financial year and the specified budgets thereof. The Board will consider and approve the CSR Plan with any modification that may be deemed necessary. The CSR Committee will assign the task of implementation to the management group led by the Managing Director who will in turn report to the CSR Committee on progress as such frequency as the CSR Committee may direct. At the end of every financial year, the CSR committee will submit its report to the Board.CSR ExpenditureCSR expenditure will include all expenditure, direct and indirect, incurred by the Company on CSR programs undertaken in accordance with the approved CSR Plan. Any income arising from the CSR programs will be netted off from the CSR expenditure and such net amount will be reported as CSR expenditure. The expenditure will be fully supported with all documentary evidences as may be required and specified by the CSR committee.
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