Holi means lots of colours & excitement in an otherwise mono-colour life. While Holi goes away only to return after a year-long wait; there are a few colours in life which stay with us each day. These are colours of our love, for our loved ones. The colours which add so many wonderful memories to our life & make us LIVE A NEW moment each time.


Singer set-out to celebrate these unmatched colours through an interesting activity – “#ColoursOfLove”.


People at large were asked to either sew / stitch a piece of creation with as many colours of cloth-pieces and colourful threads to make something for their loved ones. They had to surprise their loved one with the surprise creation made with love & multiple colours. The moment had to be captured and posted on Facebook.


Winner of this section was Rahul Rajee who showcased his amazing sewing / stitching skills by putting together a lovely colourful Dhoti-Kurti for his daughter, in tandem with the colours of Holi. His love for his daughter was distinctly brought to life with the use of bright colours in his creation.