Holi, the festival of colours, adds a lot of excitement in an otherwise mono-colour life. While Holi goes away only to return after a year-long wait; there are a few colours in life which stay with us each day. These are colours of our love, for our loved ones. The colours which add so many wonderful memories to our life & make us LIVE A NEW moment each time.


Singer set-out to celebrate these unmatched colours through an interesting activity – “#ColoursOfLove”.


The activity was dedicated to all our amazing home-chefs who displayed their love for delicious food through their cooking. They totally surprised everyone with their amazing food preparations that were infused with vibrant colours and lots of love, dedicated to their family members. These creations were aptly captured and presented on Facebook.


Winner of this section was Ms. Rujuta Jadhav. She displayed her culinary skills by creating a mini thali consisting of traditional mouth-watering Indian dishes that is a must-have in every festival. The mix of colours and love was beautifully brought together through this amazing preparation.