Tempting Toaster Recipes

Tempting Toaster Recipes

Get ready to be blown away! You can do more with your toaster than simply toast your bread. Yes, you can make an array of breakfast items and earn praises for your creative cooking. Here are some delectable breakfast hacks:

Cheese Quesadilla


Tortilla is what you need and some shredded cheese of your choice. Fill up the tortilla with veggies and shredded cheese. Fold the tortilla in half and place it open side up in your toaster. Viola! Yummy cheesy quesadilla is all ready to be consumed.

Grilled PB&J


Amp up your butter toast with peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Do your usual thing by slathering the items on bread. Fold and insert in your toaster. Crunchy and sumptuous PB&J sandwich is all yours to enjoy.



Usual sandwich or Panini! Which one would you prefer? Either way, all you need is sandwich bread, vegies and cheese, loads of cheese. Make a sandwich and insert it entirely on one side of the toaster. Make sure the cheese doesn’t ooze out into the toaster. You can enjoy your Panini now!

Grilled Sweet potato


For those who don’t like bread, we have a solution. Sweet potato or potato of any kind is a brilliant substitute for bread. Butter up and place in your toaster for that crispy crunchy morning snack. You can also make a sandwich out of it by placing vegies and cheese while it’s hot.

So there you are with your versatile toaster cooks. All you need is to use your better judgement before placing foods into it. Otherwise you are all set to be crowned Toaster-Chef.


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