The Perfect Toast and More

The Perfect Toast and More

Some people like their toast to be barely heat-kissed, while others prefer to ‘toast their toast’. In the era of the smart kitchen, having a toaster has become a necessity. Don’t chomp the burnt or soggy specimens, for the exact cooking time will give you a ‘golden-brown’ color and the ‘ultimate balance of external crunch and internal softness’. Busy with back-to-back meetings on an empty stomach and crashing after a donut? Toasters is here for you making your life easier so that you can tackle the pile and stay on the can-do mindset.

And if you thought that toasters are only for making toasts, think again! With our toaster hacks, the lazy day won’t be a problem anymore. But make sure you have toaster bags because directly putting greasy and drippy food is not good for your toaster. Time to give your awesome device a little more credit.

  • Pop your delicious veggie burger patty in the toaster for a crisper finished product.
  • Say bye to the soggy microwave reheated pizza. Keep that crust crispy and delicious by placing your slice in a toaster bag and pop it in the toaster.
  • Tortilla in a jiffy! Cut corn/flour tortillas into fours and place 2-4 of them into the toaster.
  • Everyone loves bacon but cooking it is a fuss. Simply surround your bacon pieces with a toaster bag and place it in the toaster. Crispy bacon strips are on its way.
  • Sprinkle the cheese in the tortilla, then fold and crease the tortilla in half so that the cheese doesn’t ooze out later. Place in the toaster with the quesadilla’s open side side-up and wait.
  • Are you in a bind with time and need asparagus quick? Place your asparagus in aluminum foil or a toaster bag. Add your seasoning and toast to perfection.

Did you know that your regular toaster could do so much for you in the kitchen? Well, now you do! Go on, utilize your toaster as per your creation.


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